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Antonio DUMLAO


Antonio Gonzales Dumlao was born in Manila. Though largely self-taught Dumlao also studied under Teodoro Buenaventura and he won a number of awards for his paintings from the 1930s through to the 1950s. He taught drawing for a time at San Miguel & Assumption College. Dumlao went on to become a muralist, sculptor and stained glass artist as well as a painter and, though sometimes considered as part of the Mabini school, followed his own mainly realist artistic path.

One large mural for the San Miguel beer company was shown at the New York World Trade Fair in 1964 and again at the World Trade Fair when it was held in New Orleans in 1984. He had major commissions for the Malacanang Presidential palace and for Philippines Airlines and Dumlao’s works can be found in many public buildings in the Philippines.


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